This vessel and the facility(s) at which it is located are subject to security requirements in accordance with the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) and the International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS Code).  As such, all persons entering the facility(s), or boarding the vessel must comply with the security requirements in effect at the time.  Of particular concern to the Contractor is the requirement that persons must be properly authorized for entry and prove their identity before they will be granted access.  Therefore, the Contractor must advise PGM not less 24 hours in advance, during normal working hours, of any person(s) (Contractor’s employees, sub-contractors, etc.) that will require access to the vessel so that those individuals can be added to the appropriate facility and vessel access lists.

Advanced notice shall be provided by email to: and must comply with the following format:

Email Subject Line:       Access Request - “FULL NAME OF VESSEL”
Email text shall include: 
Entity requesting access
Number of persons & period of access
Point of Contact at requesting entity & Contact number

List of Persons requiring access shall include:
Full Name as it appears on ID
Drivers License Number & State or last 4 Digits of Social Security Number
Contact Number


Subject Line:   
Access Request - KEYSTONE STATE

Body of text:   
Acme Ship Repair International requests access for
4 persons from 1/1/2000 thru 1/21/2000 
to accomplish Purchase Order No. GCN 1800555
POC:  George Washington 555-232-1111

List of Persons:
1.  John Doe, DL# 6689231 OR, 555-678-5790, Project Manger
2.  Billy Bob, SS# 8888, 555-232-1111, Welder
3.  Jane Doe, DL# 2167645 WA, 555-232-1111, Fitter
4.  Jumpin Jack, SS# 9999, 555-232-1111, Laborer

In addition to appearing on the access lists, any persons needing access must provide proper identification at each access point.  In order for identification to be considered proper it must be an official “Photo ID” issued by a recognized government entity (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc) and must not appear to have been tampered with in any way.  Failure to provide the required 24 hour advanced notice and, or, failure to provide proper photo ID may result in denial of access.  Any lost time, loss of productivity or other consequences resultant from failure to meet the above access requirements will be solely for the account of the Contractor.

Contractors are reminded that in the performance of this contract any and all employees performing work within the United States and its territories must in accordance with federal regulations have proven to their employer that the are eligible to work in the United States.  Any lost time, loss of productivity or other consequences resultant from failure to meet all requirements associated with regulations pertaining to “Right to Work in the United States” will be solely for the account of the Contractor